Webcast System Requirements
WEBCASTING IS EASY! — A webcast is a live transmission of video and audio that you watch on your computer using a high-speed internet connection. CLE webcasts are accredited as live events.

WEBCASTING IS GREEN! Course materials are provided in electronic format to all webcast attendees. If you prefer to receive the materials in paper form, you must make this request at the time of registration. Once CBA-CLE has final materials prepared, they will be shipped immediately upon your request, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive them prior to the program.

Please review the information below prior to the webcast.
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Click here to make sure you have Adobe Flash Player properly installed

Bandwidth Requirements on Program Day
It is recommended that your connection can support at least 300 kbps download speed.
You can test your connection speed at this page: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

Too many connections from the same office (DSL/Cable: 2-3 users, T-1: 4-5 users, T3: up to 18 users) may consume all available bandwidth and degrade streaming video capability.

Tips for a Better Webcast Experience:

- To view webcasts and streaming videos your computer must meet some minimum system requirements.
CLE webcasts use Adobe Flash Player technology. Most newer computers will already have the Flash Player installed. Check here to find out if you already have the player installed. - Download Adobe Flash Player

- Hi-Speed connection - Viewers with faster and more consistent connections will have a better viewing experience.
It is recommended that your connection can sustain at least a 300 kbps download speed.
You can test your connection speed at this page: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

- Bandwidth from wireless connections will not be as stable or consistent as bandwidth through an ethernet cable. If you are viewing the webcast with a laptop, it is recommended that you plug into a data port with an ethernet cable.

Flash Player Controls
Flash Player Controls

Common Problems:

- Corporate and Personal Firewalls
Contact your company network administrator or review
your personal firewall settings to insure they do not interfere.

- Browser Security Settings
Browser security settings can interfere with loading the Flash player.

- Software running in the background
It is recommended that when viewing the Webcast, you close other
software programs– particularly any applications that access the internet.

- "I hear the meeting but the screen is black or blank, or the motion is choppy"
This typically indicates a lack of bandwidth.

- Lost the connection
Try refreshing the page in the web browser, or hitting the 'play' button again on your media player.
This may or may not work depending on the problem.

Please contact ebrown@cobar.org or tfonseca@cobar.org for technical support.

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